Facility Hardening/Security Measures
Pentagon Renovation Project (pre- and post-9-11 attack); Navy Annex Relocation and Renovation; Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Communication Agency (facility protection countermeasures); US Department of Defense Swing Space; Saudi Arabia Embassy Assessments; Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (classified); Bush/Cheney Re-election Campaign Headquarters (2004); George Mason University Expansion; Virginia Hospital Center Renovation;

Fire Service

Pittsburgh, PA Performance and Efficiency Study; Sunrise Senior Living Fire Protection Specialist for all policies and physical plants; Parkersburg, WV Effectiveness and Efficiency Assessment; Meals on Wheels Association Technical Assistance to coordinate smoke detection installation in Texas; Global Fire Service Leadership Summit, Zurich, Switzerland planning and coordination; Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Program development in coordination with the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Jails/Local Corrections

Laurens County Policy and Procedure Assessment, SC; San Mateo County Transition Program, CA; Tulsa County Operational Assessment, OK; Fayette County Operational Assessment, PA; Huron County Operational Assessment, OH; Spartanburg Policy and Procedure Development and Assessment, SC; Alachua County Jail Study, FL; Western Virginia Regional Jail, VA ACA Mock Audit; Lee County Jail Expansion Program, FL; Oklahoma County Operations and Standards Assessment, OK; Orleans Parish Jail Replacement Program, LA; Palm Beach County Jail Programs (West County and Stockade Facilities), FL; East Point Police Department Operational Assessment, GA; Miami-Dade System-wide Assessment/ Krome Detention Facility Planning, FL; Palm Beach County Jails Needs Assessment and Facility Programming, FL; Grayson County Needs Assessment and Program, TX; Montgomery County Review of Agency Release Procedures, MD; Jefferson County Jail Operations Assessment, AL; Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office and Jail Program, NM; Harris County Central Inmate Processing Facility, TX; Jamesville Penitentiary Transition Planning, NY; Carroll County Jail Replacement, NH; Cheshire County Jail Feasibility Study, NH; York County Jail Operational Program, ME; Tulsa County Jail Performance Audit, OK; Houston City Jail and Central Processing Center, TX; Hampden County Holding Facility Study, MA; Hillsborough County Pretrial Release Program and Feasibility Study, FL; Onondaga County Transition Planning, NY; Livingston County Jail Facility Evaluation, IL; Glenwood Springs County Jail Program Evaluation, CO; Rappahannock Regional Jail Intake Evaluation, VA

Juvenile Justice

Camden County Youth Center Transition Consulting, NJ, Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Facility Transition Consulting, AZ., Maine Department of Corrections Juvenile Facilities Transition, New York City Department of Juvenile Justice Policies and Procedures Development, Maine Department of Corrections Juvenile Facilities Operations and Capital Master Plan, San Juan County Juvenile Services Center, NM, Chaves County Juvenile Detention and Courts, NM.

Adult Corrections

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services – Special Needs Facility; Iowa Department of Corrections Transition Planning, IA; Iowa Department of Corrections Women’s Facility Programming, IA; Iowa Department of Corrections Treatment Master Plan, IA; Maine Department of Corrections Adult Facilities Transition, Downeast Correctional Facility Master Plan, ME; Pennsylvania, Department of Corrections Facility Replacement Cost Benefit Analysis; Iowa Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale Special Needs Unit; Maine Department of Corrections Adult Facilities Operations and Capital Master Plan, Delaware Department of Correction Master Plan.

Judicial, Law Enforcement, and Government Facilities
Palm Beach County West and Stockade Courts, FL; Hampden County Pre-Arraignment Holding Study, Springfield, MA; Harris County/City of Houston Central Inmate Processing Center, TX; Maricopa County Staffing Study, AZ; Pueblo of Laguna Integrated Justice Center, NM; Sandoval County Justice Complex, New Mexico; State Police Headquarters, DE.

Expert Witness

  • Woodson v. Woody, et al 2015 (Expert Report, Deposition) Settled
  • Ousley v. Woody, et al 2014 (Materials Review) Settled
  • Sleeper v. Woody, et al 2013 (Expert Report, Deposition) Settled
  • Combs v. PHS, et al. 2009 (Deposition; Trial Testimony) Settled
  • Barnes v D.C. 2010 (Expert Report; Deposition) – Settled
  • Bibbins v Lanteigne 2011 (Materials Review, Deposition) Settled
  • Heim v Stolle 2011 (Expert Report) – Dismissed
  • Bynum v Watson, et al (Expert Report) – Dismissed
  • Baumann v Robbins, et al USDC/Norfolk Division (Expert Report) – Settled
  • Alcorn v Scott County Detention Center, USDC/Lexington Division (Document Review).
  • Various criminal and code enforcement cases while serving as chief fire marshal.