Following their careers in public safety, Karen Albert & Shawn Kelley chose to use their experience to work with agencies to fill gaps in expertise and service delivery.  They and their associates have evolved into a multi-disciplinary firm servicing all aspect of their clients’ public safety needs.  PS4PS has worked with over 60 agencies delivering quality products ranging from facility planning, operational assessments, facility design and operations safety inspections, technical assistance, staffing, program development and implementation, lesson plan development and training.

Karen Albert
Karen Albert is a principal of PS4PS.  Karen Albert has over 25 years of experience in juvenile and criminal justice administration and consulting.   Ms. Albert has an extensive background in determining staffing needs, policy and procedure development, training, human resources, and facility transition and activation.  She has also served as an ACA accreditation manager and standards compliance coordinator.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Albert served as a juvenile court counselor for Wayne County, NC and the Director of Administration in the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia.  Ms. Albert also managed the day-to-day implementation of the department’s transition from a linear operation detention facility, operating at approximately three times its rated capacity, to a direct supervision facility designed for a single cell capacity of more than 500 inmates.  Before being elevated to Director, she worked in virtually every position within the corrections division including line correctional officer, shift commander, classification counselor, training supervisor, work programs supervisor, standards and accreditation manager and assistant director of corrections.

Ms. Albert has served as a technical resource provider and instructor for the National Institute of Corrections in the areas of jail administration, resource management and direct supervision. Ms. Albert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from East Carolina University and a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management from Marymount University.

Shawn S. Kelley
When an airliner crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the Arlington County Fire Department was first on the scene, and was in charge of the site through the long rescue and recovery process. As one of the key incident commanders Mr. Kelley has educated public and private officials at more than 100 conferences nationally and internationally regarding the attack.

A 28-year veteran of the Arlington Fire Department, Chief Kelley served as the Chief Fire Marshal for over 7 years, and was also the Chief Building Official for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church, VA where he managed a division of 50 employees and 1.2 billion in valuated construction in less than two-years.

Chief Kelley was a nationally registered EMT paramedic and founder of the Department’s Technical Rescue Team.  He was the County’s first certified fire protection specialist and certified fire and explosives investigator.  As commander of the Department’s bomb squad and a certified Bomb Technician, he was responsible for such buildings as Reagan National Airport, The Pentagon, National Foreign Affairs Training Center, 13 miles of underground subway, and a daytime population of 400,000.  His national program development includes Terrorism response programs, Building, Fire and Community Code Enforcement, Technical Rescue, Hazardous Devices, Fire and Explosion Investigations, Environmental Crimes and Public Information and Education.

He has received numerous commendations for high quality service to the county and community, as well as several citations for bravery, and currently serves as an instructor for the New Mexico Technical College teaching Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing, Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents, Medical Preparedness and Response to Bombing Incidents, and Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents.