Company Profile

Few areas are of greater concern to modern society than those involving public safety.   Since 1997, Practical Solutions for Public Safety, Inc. (PS4PS) has been working with clients to address this issue.   PS4PS is a full service public safety consulting firm dedicated to providing high quality and relevant services to local, state, federal agencies and private sector.

PS4PS offers the necessary operational and administrative experience to its clients with the goal of enhancing service delivery in the most cost effective manner.  The firm’s operational and administrative experience brings a balanced and practical approach to addressing public safety issues.

Following their careers in public safety, Karen Albert & Shawn Kelley chose to use their experience to work with agencies to fill gaps in expertise and service delivery.  They and their associates have evolved into a multi-disciplinary firm servicing all aspect of clients’ public safety needs.  PS4PS has worked with over 70 agencies delivering quality products ranging from facility planning, operational assessments, technical assistance, staffing, program development and implementation, lesson plan development and training.

PS4PS principals have been recognized nationally in emergency management, emergency response planning, direct supervision of offenders and their administration of key public safety agencies.  As a small Women Owned business, PS4PS teams up with larger firms when appropriate to ensure the needs of the client are met.  Our ability to combine operational experience along with proven managerial perspective makes us unique in public safety consulting.

PS4PS believes that public safety is not possible without community involvement. Public safety should not be pervasive; rather it should be discrete but strong.  The public must continue to operate as a community while being assured that appropriate safety resources are in place.  Understanding the needs of the community is essential to any public safety plan.  As such, PS4PS and its associates are encouraged to actively participate in community activities.